Card Readers

The Equipment Order for Existing Merchants form lists approved card reading equipment which will satisfy the majority of use cases on campus. If your department needs a more sophisticated point of sale or a card reader that integrates into an existing cashiering or customer management system, contact UAS at (979) 845-8118.

Equipment Replacement/Disposal

When you no longer need a particular device to swipe or read credit cards, that device must be returned to University Accounting Services for disposal. Call (979) 845-5209 or (979) 845-8118 if you have a device needing to go to Surplus. This allows UAS to insure that all sensitive information is removed from the device prior to disposal.

Credit Card Equipment Loans

If you have a one-time event in which you need the use of credit card equipment, UAS requires a minimum of 3 days written notice. It is in your best interest to contact us as early as possible to reserve the equipment and confirm that it is not already scheduled for a different department. For full information about short-term use of credit card equipment, read Credit Card Equipment Loans.