Tax Compliance and Reporting

Tax Compliance and Reporting serves as the central department for managing tax matters as they relate to payments made to individuals, whether they are employees, vendors or students.

Our Services

  • Federal Tax compliance and reporting for:
    • 941 Quarterly Tax Returns
    • W-2 – Wage and Tax Statement
    • 1098T – Tuition Statement
    • 1099-Misc – Miscellaneous Income
    • 1099-NEC – Non-employee Compensation
    • Graduate Tuition Waiver
  • International Tax compliance and reporting for:
    • Nonresident Alien Tax Guidance
    • Glacier Guidance
    • 1042-S – Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding
  • State/Local Income Tax compliance and reporting
  • Tax consultation to TAMUS member schools (not individuals)
  • TRS contribution payment and reporting
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax financial audits
  • Worker Classification determination (Employee vs. Independent Contractor)


Verify in Workday:
  1. You have an SSN entered and the SSN entered for you is correct.
  2. Your home residence and work addresses are correct. They are the basis for state and local tax deductions.
  3. You have a federal, state or local tax election entered if you live or work in a state that levies an income tax. If not, TAMU is required by law to deduct at the highest tax rate.