Payroll Cost Transfers

Payroll Cost Transfer is the process used to change the FAMIS account(s) on a paid salary. The document is commonly referred to as a PCT.

Payroll Cost Transfers are created in the PCT module in Canopy. Departments may create PCT for any employee adloc-ed to their department. The PCT is then routed through departments and administration for approval.

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Can Cannot
Correct account on paid salary Be processed by a department that is not the ADLOC of the employee. You will contact the ADLOC department to make any changes to their employee.
Source change Change the amount of the salary
Clear deficit in the account/Redirect effort Transfer a specific dollar amount of benefits. Benefits are transferred in proportion to the amount of salary transferred. Exception is a benefits only line with no salary listed.
Cost share support of grant Transfer salaries paid in a Fiscal Year more than one Fiscal Year before current FY. For example, in FY22, only FY21 and FY22 may be processed. For correction of a salary paid prior to these FYs will need to be requested from the Payroll Cost Transfer office.

Payroll Corrections

With Workday, Payroll Corrections and Payroll Cost Transfers are entered directly in Canopy. Paper forms are no longer used.

FAMIS Update – Canopy PCTs and Net Funding Calculator


Workday Default Salary Account

The Default Salary Account document lists explanations for why your salary expenses are posting to the default account. It also provides tips on preventing your salary/benefit expenses from posting to the default account. Any expense posted to the default account requires a Payroll Cost Transfer (PCT) (completed electronically in Canopy) to be processed to correct the account. The document also includes tips on cost allocation entries in Workday.